Client: DCG / Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan
Project: Fundraising display board for Staging the Future campaign
Details: What started as a request for a series of simple cartoony graphics to illustrate the progress of the Staging the Future fundraising campaign became a whole lot more interesting! Rather than draw multiple versions of the cartoon at each stage, why not create a 3D model that could show the progress? That idea then evolved into creating an actual tent display board, complete with a simple retractable tent to show the donations total.

Final fabrication of the tent board was done by Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan staff!

Original rough sketch idea based on conversations. Multiple drawings would be needed to show the fundraising amount at different stages (i.e.: the tent would rise to show the totals)

Rough sketched idea to actually fabricate a small tent to show the change in donations.

More rough ideas for fabricating an actual tent. Final fabrication was all done by staff at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.

3D graphic of the tent graphic, originally intended to show the donations progress via social media.

3D mockup of close-to-final fundraising board.

Final fundraising board at the Festival. Final fabrication was all done by Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan staff. Hats off to them!

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