EverLast book 3

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EverLast book 3

EverLast book 3, Infinity, is done, although undergoing a final review and edit by the author before being released into the wild, i.e.: Amazon.

UPDATE: March 2019 – the book is available for purchase on Amazon, both as a Kindle version and a real printed book. Amazon

As with the previous covers, there was lots of (email) conversations with the author about the cover – what message we wanted to send, how to achieve that and of course, the overall design itself and all the little details to fit in. Some of the in-between design ideas can be seen below – steps on the way to the final stage.

See original project here.

Rough sketch of proposed cover design, based on discussions with the author.
Development of the cover sketch idea – breaking the EverLast symbol into pieces. Trouble ahead in the novel, I can tell…
Another variation in development of the cover. Too bloody though…
More variations and development on the cover image.
Final cover design. Looks just like the sketch, doesn’t it?
All three books of the series.
The real book, published and delivered by mail on March 1 2019.