Client: Saskatchewan Environmental Society
Project: ‘Green Pursuit’ – a family home energy savings game.
Details: Create a large 5′ x 6′ roll-up game board for families to play, focusing on the energy that can be saved in the home by making simple changes to behaviour or technology. Design work included the large game board, game spinner board, assortment of game cards and an energy information sheet for families to take home to help reduce their home energy usage. House illustration was ‘hand-drawn’ to keep the game friendly and informal, and to tie into the provided inset spot illustrations.
Concept and inset illustrations provided by Pam Belcher at SES.

Overview of the 5′ x 6′ game board, spinner board and selection of game cards.

Detail of game board. Inset illustrations provided by SES.

Game cards were designed to be printed in house by client.

Spinner board and game cards.

Spinner board with space for game cards.

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